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Leadership and executive coaching to help you make a bigger impact.

Hello! It is exciting that you are looking into coaching to enhance your life and career. Whether you want to improve your skills to take your career to the next level, are being called to make a career change, need help overcoming burnout, or want some extra support to navigate work and life during a pandemic, coaching can help.

I help leaders and executives to have a more fulfilling career and make a bigger impact while also enjoying life. I specialize in working with women in social impact fields who are driven to make a difference in the world. Having worked in this field for two decades, I have a deep understanding of how fulfilling and how draining it can be to do work from a place of passion. I provide customized support to help leaders enhance your career, make a bigger impact, and enjoy your life more. 

Individual leadership coaching can help you:

  • Get clarity on your professional and personal goals;

  • Take your career to the next level by building skills like public speaking and time management; 

  • Create stronger support systems and free up time so you can focus on what is most impactful and enjoyable;

  • Find more work life balance so you can be a great mom and partner and have a great career; 

  • Overcome mindsets that are holding you back from greater success;

  • Gain more life and job satisfaction.

I also coach teams within organizations. Evidence shows that coaching in organizations increases performance and helps to motivate and empower individuals to excel.

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I have led organizations and coalitions on clean water, climate change, and safe foods campaigns for 20 years, from Los Angeles to the Great Lakes. Executive and leadership coaching have been very helpful throughout my career, and now I get to coach others level up their careers, navigate crossroads, and make a bigger impact.

What is it like to work with me? I bring passion for social change, evidence-based strategies for personal and professional growth, a sense of humor, and a big toolbox of leadership skills and trainings. 

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