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We provide expert support to help organizations with strategic planning, assessments, project support, and facilitation. We also offer leadership coaching and trainings to help people on your teams be more productive and excel in their jobs.

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We design and facilitate engaging meetings and workshops, in person and virtually. We also lead strategic planning processes to help your organization develop a shared vision for the future, increase the commitment of your team, and identify more effective strategies to achieve your mission.


We bring our expertise and deep skills to your team to manage projects, support your programs, and help you launch new initiatives. We specialize in marketing and communications, program and campaign development, fundraising, and assessment services.


We provide organizational coaching, team building, and leadership training to help your organization create culture change, achieve your strategic objectives, and develop stronger leaders and more effective teams. Our customized programs can include individual and group work.

We work with clients on individual projects and on a longer term basis when that makes sense. Kate Madigan, principal, leads every project. As needed, she may bring together a team of experts to meet your needs.

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